We all have financial responsibilities in life. Our absence can affect the lives of our loved ones for years to come without the proper cover. Life insurance offers this financial protection when you can no longer take care of your family. We work with the leaders in life insurance to provide you the most affordable cover for your needs.

Not every South African can afford to start life cover when they are young and health. Our partners will not refuse cover based on your medical history and even offer specialised cover for diabetics and people living with HIV. It ensures that you are not disadvantaged for your pre-existing diseases and can afford you family the financial protection that they deserve.


Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about the medical cover that you need.


Life insurance is available to all South Africans who can afford it. The cost of life insurance can vary greatly depending on individual risk profile and the level of cover. A person who is older, has pre-existing diseases and partakes in high risk behaviour like cigarette smoking will pay more for cover. Therefore an insurer will calculate premiums based on all of these factors.


Life insurance is an optional cover but in some cases it may be necessary. For example a home loan lender may require cover as part of the loan agreement and even provide life insurance for home loan clients. This ensures that your bond will be paid off in the event of your death without your bank/lender repossessing your home and inconveniencing your family.


Yes. There are South African life insurers who will cover people living with HIV. This may only be available to HIV positive South Africans who start life cover while their CD4 cell count is within a certain range. The insurer may also require the beneficiary to maintain ARV treatment and undergo regular immune screening. Life insurance for HIV positive people may not be available from all insurers.


Yes. South African life insurers do cover diabetics and some insurers specialise in life cover for people living with this condition. Almost 5% of the South African population has diabetes. With proper treatment and management, diabetes does not have to disadvantage you from accessing affordable life cover. Diabetic life insurance is now widely available to South Africans.

Fiest.co.za is a digital media and marketing channel for South African financial service providers. We are not involved with the provision of quotes or underwriting of policies. All queries should be directed to the broker or life insurer. Life insurance complaints can be lodged with the Ombudsman for Long Term Insurance.