About Us

JustInsure.co.za is an onlinee channel for personal finance in South Africa. We are not a financial service provider (FSP) but partner with reputable South African FSPs to bring you the best medical aid and insurance deals.  JustInsure.co.za is the flagship for a network of South African insurance and medical aid websites.

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive personal finance website that was focused on education and not just finance news and sales pitches. We believe that an informed consumer is more likely to be have relevant and necessary cover which is affordable and sustainable.

JustInsure.co.za has partnered with several leading FSPs in South Africa but we maintain our editorial integrity. Ultimately the content on this website is unbiased and independent of our partners, unless clearly stated as sponsored content. However, we will not be held liable for the misuse of information on this website and encourage all of our website visitors to consult with a certified financial planner or other financial service provider.