When it comes to our health and medical aid, we all have different needs.  There are a lot of medical aid options available and it is advised not to rush into anything based purely on lower costs.  You need to compare quotes and find the medical aid provider that offers the best value and suit your medical needs.

Switching from one medical aid provider to another is becoming more common among South Africans that want the best from their medical aid provider.  A new study shows that 51% of South Africans have switched insurers in the last two years.

Whether you are switching because of bad service from your current provider or you have found a better medical aid that cost less, making the switch can be daunting.  Here is what you need to know to make the big switch.

Look at the finer details

Before switching to another medical aid scheme, it is advised to look at the benefits and read the small print, especially if you or your partner is pregnant.  With a pregnancy, it is important to know if gynaecology visits and the delivery will be covered.  If you have an existing medical condition it is necessary to know if there will be a waiting period before you will be covered.  Ask questions and understand all the benefits and get it in writing.

Cancelling your current medical aid

All medical aid providers allow members to terminate their existing medical cover to join another provider.  The cancellation process is relatively simple.  Depending on the medical aid provider, there may be a general waiting period, after which you will be allowed to join another provider.

It is important to do a little research, ask the right questions and find the medical aid provider that meet your needs and budget, before switching to another medical aid scheme.  Only cancel your current medical aid when you have made a final decision.

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